Note on CITTI-PARK events

Preparation and publication of photographs and film recordings

We should point out that photographs are taken and video recordings made at our event in which you could be recognised. The purpose of these recordings is to ensure security in accordance with our domiciliary rights and also for subsequent use for advertising and marketing measures.  

As part of these advertising and marketing measures, the recordings will be stored for as long as we need them for the above purposes. The legal basis for this is established by Art. 6 (1) lit. f) GDPR.

The recordings can be published/forwarded via live streams, print media, Internet websites and/or in e-mail advertising or newsletters.

By visiting our event, you expressly declare your consent to the photographs and film recordings described above being made by us, used for the purposes indicated and published in the manners explained above.

You cannot derive any rights (e.g. to payment) from your fundamental consent to storage and publication granted by you by visiting our event.

Should you not declare your consent or wish to revoke this consent with effect for the future, please contact the photographer (recognisable from the badge “Photographer”) directly or one of our colleagues on the information stand.

In the event of you revoking your consent, we will not take any pictures of you, and any pictures already made will be deleted from the memory card in the camera. If the pictures have already been published, they will be removed only insofar as this is within the power of the originator. In the event of a revocation of your consent, we reserve the right to claim back any production costs for advertising and marketing materials already incurred. For details of your rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we would refer you to our latest data privacy policy to be found at, or which you can receive in printed form from our information stand.